H.Samuel launches new campaign to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

H.Samuel, the UK’s favourite High Street Jeweller, is launching a range of gifts and jewellery during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to raise funds for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, the UK’s leading breast cancer charity.

The selection of hand picked gifts with an element of pink includes watches, collectibles and jewellery andeach product will carry a 10% donation to Breakthrough. In addition, all proceeds f r o m H.Samuel in-store collection boxes, pink ribbon pins and phone charms will go to Breakthrough Breast Cancer, to help the charity continue its vital breast cancer research, campaigning and education work.

Breast cancer is the number one health concern for women in the UK. Over 1000 women die of breast cancer in the UK every month and 1 in 9 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. But the good news is that more women than ever in the UK are surviving breast cancer thanks to better awareness, better screening and better treatments and Breast Cancer Awareness Month represents a key time of year, when the focus on breast cancer is at its highest.

To help Breakthrough achieve its vision of a future free f r o m the fear of breast cancer, it needs to raise at least £25million each year to fund its vital research, campaigning and education work, including the work that takes place at its dedicated breast cancer research centre in London and at the three new research units it’s opening in Edinburgh, London and Manchester.

Jeff Jones, H Samuel Brand Manager said: “H Samuel jewellery is about real people and their stories and Breakthrough is a natural charity for the brand to support. We hope our eye-catching items will help raise awareness of breast cancer as well as raise vital funds for this worthy cause that affects the lives of so many people in the UK”

The Pink Range at H.Samuel is a diverse collection, including the Swarovski crystal With You Kris Bear, Pink Casio Digital Watch, Citizen Stone-Set Bracelet Watch and a 9ct White Gold Cubic Zirconia Ring.

About H. Samuel H. Samuel has over 350 stores and a trading website at www.hsamuel.co.uk. with a wide range of branded watches, jewellery, collectibles and gifts for all occasions, offering something for every taste and style. H. Samuel is part of the Signet Group, the world’s largest speciality retail jeweller.

About Breakthrough Breast Cancer: Breakthrough Breast Cancer is the UK’s leading charity committed to fighting breast cancer through research, campaigning and education.

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Hays Specialist Recruitment Has Managed To Raise £380,000 For Marie Curie Cancer Care

Hays Specialist Recruitment has announced that over the past two years they have managed to raise £380,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care – a massive £250,000 more than the combined 2006 and 2007 staff fundraising targets. Such a high level of support and enthusiasm for the cause means Hays will extend the partnership with Marie Curie for a further year.

Hays selected Marie Curie Cancer Care as its charity partner in 2006 with a staff fundraising target of £50,000. Staff dedicated time and effort to a variety of activities – football tournaments, quiz nights, raffles and Hays Cash for Care days – raising £70,000 which Hays matched, bringing the total for year one to £140,000.

A second year of fundraising was given a target of £80,000 and involved annual quiz nights, football tournaments, dress down days and Cash for Care days. A team of 20 employees also took part in the biggest partnership initiate, Project Kenya, a trek and community project, which was the first of its kind for both Marie Curie Cancer Care and Hays and raised £82,000 alone. In total staff raised £120,000, which was again matched, bringing the year two total to £240,000.

Now moving into the third year of the partnership, a £50,000 target has been agreed, which Hays will match if reached. It is hoped the planned mountain challenges, Cash for Care days, running and adrenaline challenges, as well as a Give as You Earn Scheme will raised the funds Marie Curie needs.

Thomas Hughes-Hallet, Chief Executive of Marie Curie Cancer Care said, “A really big thank you to all those at Hays who donated time and effort to raise such a fantastic amount for the charity. £380,000 will pay for 19,000 hours of Marie Curie Nursing care – helping us make a real difference to terminally ill people and their families. We also thank Hays for choosing to work with us for another year and are looking forward to working together over the coming months.”

Poppy Penhallow, HR Manager at Hays said, “Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the employees in the UK we have been able to raise this phenomenal amount, its great knowing that our contribution is making a real difference to the local community.”

Marie Curie Cancer Care provides high quality nursing, totally free, to give people with terminal cancer and other illness the choice of dying at home, supported by their families. The partnership has and will continue to enable the charity to provide the care needed by so many.

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The Eccentric Club, once an important institution in the British society, closed down in the mid-1980s, has made a daring comeback on 29th of August – this time not in Mayfair, but in Bloomsbury

The Eccentric Club in London with its clock running backwards: I wished they would have me as a member, so I could meet all my old friends again…” (Anthony Steyning, the writer)

The Eccentric Club, once an important institution in the British society, which fell victim to a careless gamble with property developers in the mid-1980s and, subsequently, lost its premises in Mayfair and was closed down, is to experience a much-anticipated revival and to make a daring comeback to the London clubland on 29th of August – this time not in Mayfair, but in Bloomsbury, in the premises of Pushkin House, the Russian cultural centre, named after Alexander Pushkin, Russia’s most celebrated and most eccentric 19th century poet. The reason for such a choice of venue was purely incidental and primarily due to the friendliness of the Pushkin House staff and their own excitement about the re-launch of The Eccentric Club by a group of keen enthusiasts and devoted volunteers, members of a few other London clubs, who believe that the Eccentric Club is still missed by many and undeservedly forgotten by the society and the media.

“The Club’s name is a long established and reputable brand, its famous members of the past were those who had shaped the British culture into what it is now, its history is inseparable with that of Britain itself”, say the organisers.

On the 29th of August they have re-launched The Eccentric Club(UK) officially, in a traditional eccentric and entertaining style, with the music performances, a witty satirical operatic/jazz cabaret “Kiss & Tell”, speeches by Henry Hemming, the celebrated author of recently published “In Search of the English Eccentric” and Lyndon Yorke (a mechanical follyologist voted ‘Britain’s Most Eccentric Person’ in 2002), and more entertainment in various shapes. Equally entertaining promises to be the socialising with the meticulously selected guests from the artistic, scientific, literary, legal and business circles.

Traditionally believed to have been founded in 1890 by Jack Harrison, a theatrical costumier from Shaftesbury Avenue, the new Eccentric Club may actually become a century older due to the claims of its organisers to have proofs of the Club’s existence in the 1780s. Such a change in the Club’s ‘birth certificate’ most probably will not go unnoticed by the other clubs, but at the moment this does not seem to worry the organisers who believe that the Club has experienced many resurrections and has been founded several times by totally unrelated and socially distinct groups of people over the last two centuries.

The new Club’s website states that it has served “as a meeting point to many great and original minds, pioneers of thought in artistic, literary, theatrical, scientific, legal and political circles, providing an amicable environment for their recreational and creative pastime as well as a testing ground for the novel and controversial theories and approaches to the issues equally important to the British society and the entire mankind.” Considering what’s going on in the world today, many feel that it is high time The Eccentric Club was reborn and some new debates on some old issues to be launched.

You may of course be wondering what is meant by ‘being eccentric’ these days, after all it has been unfortunately misinterpreted over the years. The new founders have redefined its meaning to “British eccentricity is a reluctance to be bound by social, spiritual, scientific, political, esthetical or any other limitations and an everlasting desire to explore every manifestation of life around us for the benefit of gaining personal experience and translating it through various mediums such as art, business, science, social events to the others, to the society and, in particular, other individuals which are seeking new knowledge and experience and are ready to perceive it…”.

The previous Eccentric Club, started in 1890 by Jack Harrison, a theatrical costumier and the father of popular musical comedy actresses Phyllis Monkman, Dorothy Monkman and Beryl Harrison, from its humble beginnings in Shaftesbury Avenue rose to become one of the most influential artistic and business establishments in Britain as well as one of its most generous charities.

During both World Wars, members of the Eccentric entertained the troops on the frontline, raised in total over £100,000 for wounded soldiers, visited them in hospitals and distributed food, tobacco, cigarettes and pipes, built numerous hospitals, hostels and orphanages. On average, since the 1920s the Club was spending over £1,000 a year on various charitable needs.

The new Club organisers pledge to honour the charitable traditions of its predecessors. They believe that today, in the times of common globalisation, it is essentially important to support local, national and European charities which far too often remain undervalued and underfunded whilst the larger international organisations’ needs seem to be more of a priority.

The new Eccentric Club started just over a year ago with an eccentric idea of its restoration and a website appealing to any possible supporters of such an initiative. The response was truly overwhelming and beyond any expectations – emails were coming in literally daily. Although, a share of correspondence was from those doing genealogical research for their own families or some famous former members of the Club, a larger proportion was from those who were actually looking for The Eccentric Club to learn more about it, fascinated with its history and the remarkable input into the British culture. Two London-based TV production companies were immediately interested in shooting documentaries about the new Club’s birth.

Restoration of The Eccentric Club in the 21st century is an amazing challenge and everyone involved feel most excited about the journey ahead of them. The organisers believe they are closer to the original founders of the Club than those who have inherited it and lost it. Starting the Club from the very beginning – finding the patrons, acquiring the right members, raising funds, organising events, establishing own clubhouse – requires a lot of energy and aspiration. But a prospect of running one of the most fascinating clubs in the British history fuels this ambitious beginning.

Finally, the new Club’s organisers see it essentially important to highlight and celebrate the British kind of eccentricity – an innate ability to ignore the well-trotted routes of the others and invent own original ways, find surprisingly fresh approaches to the long decided issues, proudly demonstrating to the rest of the world the great mosaic of possible solutions and points of view. And, as we know from the history, the world has often followed the British eccentrics and acknowledged their genius…

The Eccentric Club restoration was welcomed by many celebrated and distinguished individuals. Amongst those who wished the best of luck to the endeavours of the new Club organisers are HRH Prince Michael of Kent, Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Lord Bath and Lord Montagu (who was the last Chairman of The Eccentric Club in the 1980s).

FAMOUS MEMBERS OF THE CLUB: Jack Harrison, Sir Charles Wyndham, Viscount Burnham, The Earl of Lonsdale, Lord Montagu, Sir Frederick Wells, Sir James Miller, Sir Herbert Tree, Sir George Alexander, Sir Walter de Frece, H.Montague-Bates, Lionel Brough, John Hollingshead, M. De Paleologue, Henry Ainley, George Robey, Dan Leno, Little Tich, Sir Henry J. Wood, Sir Landon Ronald, Arthur Lloyd, Fred Bishop, Bill Gavin, Dick Upex, Bud Flanagan, Tommy Trinder, Ben Warris, Joe Davis, Jack Trevor, James Moore, and many many others.

Unconfirmed famous members: Julius M. Price, Dudley Hardy, George Graves.

HRH Prince of Wales was the Club’s primary Patron for almost all of its history. In total, 35 Lord Mayors of London were selected as Honorary Life Members of the Club.


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Several Member of the NWSA are assisting on the fires in Southern California and many others stand ready to help if needed

As Southern Californian’s battle to save lives, homes, and its landscape several Member Companies of the National Wildfire Suppression Association have been dispatched to aid in the firefighting efforts with the raging infernos.

Our goal is to compliment the efforts of the agencies to help put these fires out. Grayback Forestry has sent one fire engine and a 20 person crew on out of their Northern California location.

Firestorm Wildland Fire Suppression Inc. of Chico, California has sent out two 20 person crews to the staging area in San Bernadino to be assigned to fire duty.

All Terrain Corp/ATWC Fire Support of Ukiah, CA has 3 tactical tenders at the Witch fire and a THERMO GEL mixing plant for helicopter support stationed at Fallbrook, CA.

Diamond Fire has a 20 person crew on the Santiago Fire.

Northwest Timber Fallers has taken an order for a Timber Faller team.

NWSA Member Companies are Professional Wildland Fire Contractors that provide a variety of services to the agencies throughout the United States to aid in firefighting and emergency response situation. Many of them were called up to help with the shuttle recovery as well as Hurricane Katrina. These services are provided through contracts/agreements with the agencies. There are 130 twenty person contract crews available for dispatch through the PNW Interagency Crew Agreement. In addition there are 400+ fire engines and tenders available from many different regions in the U.S. by NWSA Members.

Some of those resources include 20 person hand crews, fire engines, water tenders, dozers, hand washing units, and timber faller modules. Many of our members have been in this business for over 20 years, and are a wealth of knowledge in fire suppression.

NWSA members are highly trained and qualified individuals that include the school teacher, the college student, and your neighbor next door, they are the men and women of America that are working hard to ensure that our environment escapes as much damage as possible from the ravages of fire.

NWSA membership is over 200 strong and includes includes members from twelve different states.

“We are glad to help our neighbors in the battle of their life against the enemy Fire. That is what our members are trained and ready to do.” “Our goal is the same as any other cooperator helping on the fires to help protect, lives, homes and the environment from the flames of fire.” Says Debbie Miley, the Executive Director for the National Wildfire Suppression Association.

The members of the NWSA throughout the U.S. stand ready to provide additional resources as needed.

For more information on NWSA, visit www.nwsa.us or e-mail info@nwsa.us . You may also reach Debbie Miley, Executive Director of NWSA at 1-877-676-NWSA (6972).

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Integrated Asset Building Strategies for Reservation-Based Communities

First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) announced the publication and release of “Integrated Asset Building Strategies for Reservation-Based Communities: A 27-Year Retrospective of First Nations Development Institute.” This unprecedented report is the culmination of more than a quarter century of work by First Nations and highlights the economic, social and cultural resilience and ingenuity of Native peoples across the United States.

Funded by a generous grant from the Ford Foundation, the report includes original research on several key asset-building strategies in Native communities: financial education, individual development accounts, community development financial institutions, entrepreneurship development, building Native controlled philanthropic foundations and funds, and utilizing the earned income tax credit. Drawing upon a unique mix of practitioner and academic research, the report presents new data and analysis of asset building in Native communities.

According to Michael E. Roberts, President of First Nations, “In order to accurately identify and assess the needs and trends in Indian Country, we need to continually review and evaluate First Nations’ major asset building approaches and their effects in Native communities and this report does just that.” In addition, Roberts notes that the report is being released publicly “to allow everyone with an interest in Indian Country the opportunity to access the models, tools, analysis and information from First Nations’ comprehensive body of work over the last 27 years.”

Through a three-pronged strategy of Educating Grassroots Practitioners, Advocating Systemic Change, and Capitalizing Indian Communities, First Nations is working to restore Native control and culturally-compatible stewardship of the assets they own – be they land, human potential, cultural heritage, or natural resources – and to establish new assets for ensuring the long-term vitality of Native communities.

To learn more about this report, or to order copies, visit the First Nations Development Institute Website at www.firstnations.org or contact Sarah Dewees, Director of Research, via email at: sdewees@firstnations.org or by phone at: 540-371-5615.

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A team of US volunteers is helping deliver vital aid to victims of monsoon floods in one of the most remote and dangerous regions of Nepal

The volunteers are members of a ShelterBox Response Team – sent to Nepal by the disaster relief agency ShelterBox following terrible floods across both the country’s lowland and Himalayan regions.

Latest figures from the Nepal Red Cross are that 97 people have been killed by floods and landslides acrossthe country and around 363,000 people affected by the disaster, with an estimated 42,000 houses completely or partially destroyed.

ShelterBox – which is supported by Rotary clubs across the US and Canada – specializes in providing emergency accommodation and other survival essentials to disaster victims. The aid is delivered in pre-packaged kits – the ShelterBox – each designed to help a family of 10 survive for at least six months.

As well as sending 400 of its boxes to Nepal so far, the charity has also deployed one of its ShelterBox Response Teams (SRTs) to oversee the operation and ensure that aid gets to the people who need it most.

Experienced ShelterBox photographer Mark Pearson has been working with Dave Eby, from Brentwood, Tennessee in the district of Siraha, where some of the worst flood damage has taken place.

Mark Pearson said: “We’ve been working with the Nepal Red Cross, which estimates that more than 3,300 houses have been destroyed in this area alone, with 11,000 people displaced.”

“Yesterday, after a reconnaissance mission by the Red Cross to assess the situation, we delivered around 130 boxes to a village that has been completely cut off by three swollen rivers.”

“There were 300 families who had been living in this village without any shelter. They had received a food drop four weeks ago and about 60 tarpaulins but that’s the only help that they’d had up until now.”

He added: “Getting aid to the village was a major operation. Roads from the main town of Jonakapur are mainly impassable – our 4WD Land Cruiser got stuck and we had to transfer all the boxes to tractors. Then, after demonstrating the tents and other equipment with the help of the Red Cross, villagers had to carry everything on their heads across a swollen river to get back to where their homes had once been.”

“Apart from the problems caused by the flood, this is also a dangerous area in which to work. There are various armed groups and tension is high after one man from the hills was shot a couple of days ago. There’s a curfew in place and the only organization that can operate here freely is the Red Cross so we’re delighted to have teamed up with them.” The aid sent to Nepal also marks a major milestone for ShelterBox as it will bring the total number of people helped by the charity since it began operation in 2001 to 500,000.”

The charity plans to send further aid to Nepal this week. For more information or to give a donation, go to www.shelterboxusa.org: ‘donate/sponsor a Box’. Every box is individually numbered and can be tracked by donors.

ShelterBox is a disaster relief charity, whose mission is: “To provide humanitarian aid worldwide in the form of shelter, warmth and comfort for people displaced by natural and other disasters.”

This aid is provided in the form of ‘ShelterBoxes’, each one of which generally contains a 10-person tent, blankets, water purification and cooking equipment, basic tools and a multi-fuel stove. Every box is individually numbered and can be tracked by donors.

To date, ShelterBox has provided help for an estimated 500,000-plus people and responded to more than 50 emergencies worldwide – including helping nearly 230,000 people following the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, 138,000 people in Pakistan (Kashmir earthquake) and 50,000 people in Africa. Recent & current deployments include the Solomons, Pakistan and Nepal.

Each box costs $1000 (US) – including the cost of all materials, packing, storage, transport worldwide and distribution to the needy. Best value is achieved by working closely with leading UK suppliers, all items being obtained at below trade price. Assuming six month’s use, this equates to shelter and warmth for less than 30 pence per person per day.

The ShelterBox Trust is a UK registered charity organized and administered by the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard. The charity’s President is HRH The Duchess of Cornwall. ShelterBox USA is its US affiliate which is a 501c-(3) , headquartered in Bradenton, FL, and administered by the Rotary Club of Lakewood Ranch, FL.

By working through local Rotary clubs in the countries where disasters have occurred, ShelterBox is often able to get aid where it is needed faster than any other organization.

Approximately 45% of funding comes as donations from the UK public. The remaining money is raised by Rotary Clubs worldwide. At present, around 30% of total income is from clubs in the UK, 9% from the USA, 12% from Australia and 2% from Canada.

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Helping Kids Reach for the Stars

Host a rocketry contest. The contest, which is designed to be run by local organizations, is safe, easy and affordable. Compete locally. Celebrate nationally. Contestants get to build and launch a rocket and are entered in a national contest. Sponsors receive recognition and the satisfaction of Helping Kids Reach for the Stars. Nothing draws more attention than a rocket launch.

Jack and Kathy Colpas are retired public school educators. Their Helping Kids Reach for the Stars model rocketry program has recently been designated as an Educational Outreach of the Christa McAuliffe ~ Challenger Center. This year Barbara Morgan, Christa’s successor in NASA’s Teacher-in-Space program will fly into orbit. To celebrate the program’s designation and to honor these amazing women, Jack and Kathy are launching the Reach for the Stars rocket contest.

Compete locally. Celebrate nationally. The contest, which is designed to be run by local organizations, is safe, easy and affordable. Everyone benefits. All contestants get a reusable Estes rocket as well as the unforgettable experience of launching a solid-fuel powered model hundreds of feet into the sky. They also receive a commemorative achievement certificate – suitable for framing. Each certificate bears an inspirational quote from Christa McAuliffe. Sponsors receive recognition and the satisfaction of Helping Kids Reach for the Stars. Nothing draws more attention than a rocket launch. These events are often covered by the news media.

Running a local event is as easy as 3, 2, 1. Three – find at least twelve contestants and order supplies. Two – build and launch your rockets. One – award certificates and prizes. Special pricing brings the total cost down to ten to twelve dollars per contestant. In most cases that is less than the list price of the rocket alone. A step-by-step video and on-line help are available to guide you. More information is at www.TheRocketman.net. There are contest levels for ages eight to adult. Time and supplies are limited. Get started now.

Results from local events are entered in the national contest. National winners get to launch their rockets with the original Rocket Boys at the October Sky Festival in Coalwood, West Virginia and see author Homer Hickam. They will also receive an engraved, wood model of the space shuttle as well as other prizes.

In 1957 the Russians ignited the Space Race by launching Sputnik – the earth’s first man-made satellite. Since then we have witnessed men on the moon, space stations, Mars landings, even the sampling of a comet’s tail. Celebrate 50 years of space flight with our Reach for the Stars contest. Everyone remembers their first rocket launch. What other activity can you say that about?

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After only 3 months since the loss of their son, the Tiegers have raised over $10k for stillbirth awareness and research

Imagine you or someone in your family went to the hospital expecting to deliver a baby, just to find out that the baby was dead.

Stillbirth devastates 83 families everyday in this country. Nearly 1 in 100 births will result in stillbirth. There are more stillbirths every year than all causes of infant death combined – including SIDS. It is for thesereasons and many more that Jeff and Lori Tieger of Staten Island, NY created Daniel’s STAR (The Daniel Ian Tieger Fund for STillbirth Awareness and Research). The organization is named for their son Daniel Ian Tieger, who was born still on February 8, 2007 just 7 days shy of his due date.

Daniel’s STAR raises money for the MISS Foundation, a national volunteer based non-profit organization committed to providing crisis support and long term aid to families after the death of a child from any cause. All of the money raised will fund MISS programs for research and public education of stillbirth. MISS boasts a 7% administrative cost so 93 cents of every dollar will actually go to its intended location.

Daniel’s STAR is hosting their first annual Shining STAR Golf Classic Monday July 30, 2007 at LaTourette Golf Course in Staten Island, NY. Registration is now open and spots are filling fast. For only $150, players will enjoy lunch before tee off, various challenges throughout the event, and a BBQ Awards Dinner to present prizes to the challenge winners. In addition to the golf classic, Daniel’s STAR will be host the first annual Memorial Walk in the Park tentatively scheduled for early October. “We just want to spread the word and give this issue the long overdue attention it deserves”, said Lori Tieger.

In the 3 months since they lost their son, the Tiegers have been responsible for raising over $10,000 for stillbirth research and awareness. “Just as any parent would do anything within their power for their child, this is all we could do for ours”, Jeff Tieger said. In addition to fund raising, the Tiegers have been back and forth to Albany meeting with legislators and lobbying for the MISSing Angels Bill. This bill provides a Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth. Currently New York and most other states do not provide any recognition of the existence of stillborn babies, or the birth process that they and their mothers endured. Along with the other parents at the meetings, the Tiegers were responsible for the first movement of the bill since it was introduced into the New York State Government in 2003.

For more information about Daniel’s STAR, their community events, or the MISSing Angels Bill, contact Daniel’s STAR.


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