The Dental Clinic And Optical Express Sponsor Cycle For Charity

The Dental Clinic and Optical Express will be sponsoring Dominic O’Hooley, director of The Dental Clinic, in his bid to cycle from John O’ Groats to Land’s End this summer to raise funds for the Wooden Spoon charity. With a group of thirty riders, O’Hooley aims to complete the gruelling 874 mile journey in just eight days, from the 21st to 28th of August 2010.

John O’ Groats to Land’s End, often termed JOGLE, or LEJOG, depending on the direction of travel, is a traverse covering the entire length of Great Britain. It typically takes cyclists ten to fourteen days to complete, and walkers two to three months. The Wooden Spoon challenge, titled “End 2 End,” has been held annually since 2000.

Each of the riders must raise £4,000 in order to participate in the ride, as well as apply to Wooden Spoon, though riders are encouraged to raise more funds if they are able to. Both Optical Express and The Dental Clinic are keynote sponsors of O’Hooley.

The riders will be accompanied by a Wooden Spoon support team, including a motorcyclist to provide emergency bike repairs.

The Wooden Spoon charity is a cause that O’Hooley is enthusiastic to contribute to, as well as an organisation which he feels is well-equipped to provide support for such an undertaking.

“Wooden Spoon is a well established charity, and really a cause close to my heart,” O’Hooley said. “I’m keen on trying to help child poverty and I feel that because they have such a history of successful and well-organised charity events I feel I can be confident in them. It’s a serious undertaking, and I think anything less than expert organisation would prevent success really.”

Wooden Spoon, founded in 1983, is a children’s charity supporting disadvantaged children and youth across the UK and Ireland. Wooden Spoon has raised over £15 million since its inception, and benefitted over half a million young people.

An avid cyclist, O’Hooley has been biking for years, though this will be his first cycle between the northern and southern tips of Great Britain.

“I’ve done the west coast to east coast before, from Whitehaven to Sunderland, which was 150 miles in one day,” he said. “I’ve been cycling for twenty years, and I typically bike 200-250 miles per week. Basically, I get to work on a bike every day.”

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Your Dreams Can Come True In Mexico

The bi-national, non-for-profit MATT Foundation, (Mexicans and Ameircans Thinking Together), is launching its first televised campaign to promote its mission of improving conditions of constituents in both countries and to create awareness of its initiative, Quedate en Mexico (Stay in Mexico), that focuses on the creation of economic opportunities in Mexico to help deter and reduce migration to the United States.

“MATT is and will always be a great admirer of the work produced by the Teletón. The Teletón helps those who most need it and we support those efforts wholeheartedly as well as with resources,” comments MATT Chair Alonso Ancira. “Both of these organizations focus on improving conditions of our people. That is why MATT decided to launch this campaign – to create awareness of the resources we have to offer people in Mexico and the United States.” This is the first time MATT has launched an information campaign to promote its programs and initiatives that it implements in both Mexico and the United States. MATT is committed to helping both nation’s prosper through the creation of educational and economic opportunities and by opening the channels of communication between its people. “We are neighbors and we depend on the well-being of both countries to succeed and move forward. Without communication and a strategic plan to follow, we fail to explore opportunities of collaboration to strengthen our commercial and geopolitical bonds,” concluded Ancira.

The MATT Foundation launched Maestro en Casa (Teacher at Home), a free English-immersion program aired on Catholic radio networks. MATT is also working with the Mexican government on projects designed to generate job opportunities in Mexico so that migration is considered an option and not an economic necessity. For more information on MATT, visit the website at or call toll free 1.866.980.MATT (6288). To contact MATT in Mexico City, call 55.5255.9900 extension 4600.

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Blair Rewards Across The Nation Spur Community Growth Amid Troubled Times

Our economy definitely requires us to think out of the box when it comes to helping our local communities get back on their feet from the current economic downturn. Local cities are pulling their people together to do their part in generating hope for the economy.

Across the nation Blair rewards is doing its part to support the struggling economy. Blair rewards in Nebraska can help with lodging, site seeing, shopping and more. Communities are saving money through Blair Rewards. It is an indicator that local people are coming together and doing their part during our troubled economic crisis.

blair rewards in Nebraska is helping individuals with great benefits and savings. There are plenty of Blair rewards in Nebraska with golf courses, shopping and a variety of parks. Blair, Nebraska is splendor at its best. It is a beautiful place that is worth visiting time and again. The local Econo Lodge is doing its part giving incentive’s to individuals who come to their location. They provide discounts on stays and their facility is an excellent resource for finding wonderful local dining and attractions.

blair rewards in Kentucky are taking innovative methodologies. Kentucky is taking the made in America local. The city of Blair rewards in Kentucky. They have put together a Blair rewards program that helps local farmers and restaurants come together to use and showcase this program. The Blair rewards are helping the community not only use local products, but the program also helps save on transportation costs to other markets, which is good for the environment.

Students are involved with the Blair rewards in Kentucky. Universities are doing their part to help promote the buy local atmosphere. It is a great thing to see happening in rural and local communities.

The Blair rewards in Kentucky as well as the Blair rewards in Nebraska is a good start to helping the economy recover from the present downturn. The more we pull together as a community, the better chance we have at getting through this recession and moving forward as a society.

Bobby Blair is an environmentally conscious individual interested in politics, the economy and finding innovative methods for helping the community such as blair rewards. Stumbling upon Blair rewards in Kentucky as well as Blair rewards in Nebraska was a welcomed sign that people are doing things to help out their local communities.

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