Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation To Host First Annual ‘Fight For Our Future’ Benefit Dinner

The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation, Inc (TFMJF) is proud to announce its first annual “Fight for Our Future” benefit dinner which will take place Friday, April 2 at MGM Grand’s Premier Ballroom beginning at 6:00 p.m. PT.

The evening will include entertainment, a silent auction and some special invited guests. Additionally, TFMJF will recognize an exemplary individual who has served the Las Vegas community through their charitable efforts.

“The purpose of this dinner is to continue to make strides toward helping our community,” said Mayweather, boxing superstar and Founder of TFMJF. “We realize that we must do our part in order to make an impact. By holding this special event, we are getting one step closer to taking the necessary steps to overcome the obstacles our community is faced with everyday.”

Founded in 2007, TFMJF has endeavored to empower and encourage community alliances, impact youth leadership and strengthen family foundations through community development, entrepreneurialism and education. The proceeds from the benefit dinner will be allocated among the various program funds in the areas of education, community outreach, mentoring programs and a youth summer camp.

“Boxing is my livelihood, but helping the community is my passion,” Mayweather continued. “This dinner is the first of many events to highlight and support the mission of The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation. I hope that through the Foundation we can set the bar high in making an impact in the community.”

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Foreign Translations, Inc Assists UNICEF in Haitian Relief Efforts

In an effort to support the earthquake victims in Haiti, Foreign Translations, Inc. (www.foreigntranslations.com) assisted the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) by translating information vital to the relief efforts. The company translated documents relating to the protection of children’s rights, forms and manuals used by relief workers and public service announcements providing information to the people of Haiti. These documents translated by Foreign Translations, Inc. assisted UNICEF in reaching out to victims of this natural disaster. In the chaos following the earthquake, aid groups like UNICEF lacked sufficient means of communicating with the French and Creole-speaking Haitians. Foreign Translations, Inc. recognized this need and drew on its years of expertise in translation services to bridge the communication gap.

Foreign Translations, Inc Assists UNICEF in Haitian Relief Efforts

Providing aid for Haiti through language translation services is a natural fit for Foreign Translations, Inc. Utilizing its well-established quality processes to provide high quality, low-cost translations in a timely fashion, Foreign Translations, Inc. often returns translated documents on the same day requested. By assigning native Creole and French-speaking translators to the project, Foreign Translations, Inc. ensures that information is clearly understood by aid workers and Haitians. Offering low-cost assistance to those in need also aligns with the corporate culture at Foreign Translations, Inc. The entire organization recognizes the importance of giving back and is often involved in charitable giving such as assisting law firms with foreign language needs in pro bono cases as well as offering foreign translations for non-profit ventures. As for continuing aid efforts in Haiti, Foreign Translations, Inc. has pledged its on-going support to UNICEF and the Haitian people.

About Foreign Translations, Inc.
Foreign Translations, Inc. www.foreigntranslations.com is a 12-year old global translation services firm specializing in foreign language translation, interpreting and website translation headquartered in Greenville, SC. The company offers translation services for a wide range of projects.

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MATT Partners With MALDEF To Teach Basics About U.S. Census Through English Radio Program

MATT Maestro en Casa English Learning Lessons on the US Census Airs March 9 Washington, DC – Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together, a bi-national non-for-profit organization headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, joined forces with MALDEF to inform non-English speakers about the U.S. Census. The MATT Maestro en Casa, a radio transmitted English learning program, which has practical and simple lessons on Finance, Health Care, and the Workplace, has added a new theme on the U.S. Census as a vital way to educate the public on the process and to help dispel any myths or misinformation that may encourage non-participation by the Spanish-speaking community.

The 2010 US Census lessons begin to air March 9 on the Guadalupe Radio Network. To supplement the lessons, MATT will publish workbooks, which are free and distributed by non-profits, faith-based organizations, and MATT.

The MATT Maestro en Casa English learning program launched last fall and airs on Guadalupe Radio Network stations KJON 850 AM Dallas-Ft-Worth, KWMF 1380 AM San Antonio, and KVDG 90.9 FM Midland. Lessons can also be accessed on the organization’s website, www.themattfoundation.org.

For more information on how to bring MATT Maestro en Casa to your community contact MATT at 1.866.980.MATT or visit www.matt.org.

Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together (MATT), headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and with presence in Washington, DC and Mexico City, was established to serve as the voice of reason influencing policy to improve U.S./Mexico relations.

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Help Street Children Reaches Out to the Children of Haiti

Experts estimate that political instability and extreme poverty left thousands of Haitian children living on the streets long before the earthquake that brought Haiti into the public eye. Help Street Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping street children around the world, is reaching out to give these children the resources they need to build a better future.

“Our main purpose is to provide special protection for the world’s most vulnerable children,” says Guy Ali, president of Help Street Children. “We believe that every child should be given a fair start in life, regardless of their background.”

Statistics show that over half of Haiti’s population is under the age of eighteen. Many of these children were orphaned by the earthquake. Others were given up to other family members to raise or forced to work the streets long before the disaster struck.

“These children are deprived of affection and protection. They do not have access to food and education, and are constantly under the threat of all kinds of violence, including sexual abuse and exploitation,” said Sylvana Nzirorera, former UNICEF Haiti Communication Officer.

Many of Haiti’s children will die in the streets or become criminals in order to survive. Help Street Children is fighting to give these children a second chance by offering them food, water and an education. The dire situation in Haiti, however, has overstretched the organization’s resources.

“[We’re] in desperate need of any type of donation for the children of Haiti,” says Ali. “Your donation will help street children.have access to clean drinking water, meals and an education.”

The organization is currently looking for donations to buy food, clothes, shoes and balls to keep the children occupied and off the streets. Soccer is a favorite pastime for the Haitian people.

Sponsors can choose to make a cash donation for Haiti street children or purchase a bag of Hispaniola coffee from HelpStreetChildren.org. $5 from each bag sold will go toward providing desperately needed supplies for Haiti’s children while supporting Haitian farmers.

“The earthquake couldn’t break the spirit of the Haitian people. Even after so much pain [and] suffering…they remain defiant and unbroken,” says Ali.”Help Street Children needs your help to make the lives of street children as normal as possible.”

For more information, visit Help Street Children on the web at

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Golden Rule Services Providing Hope and Independence to Individuals with Special Needs

“Our mission is to provide opportunities to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities for growth and independence in their community. Our task is one of discovery: our discovery of what a person values and what things are hassles to him; his discovery will be of his desired choices. We strive to listen to each individual and let him create his own place based on his dreams, desires and needs.”

Golden Rule Services Providing Hope and Independence to Individuals with Special Needs

These heartfelt words were spoken by Daniel Armond, the co-founder and president of Golden Rule Services, to the families of the men and women with special needs working within the program to achieve independence and a higher quality of life.

Golden Rule Services offers these men and women a unique opportunity to learn and grow under the watchful eye of the organization’s trained professional staff and caring staff members. Every participant in the programs at Golden Rule Services is seen not as a person with a disability but as a person with the potential for achievement.

“The difference and uniqueness in the approach of Golden Rule Services is that instead of focusing on the deficits or disabilities of an individual, we focus on the potential and abilities; instead of dwelling on past failures, we focus on future successes,” states Armond. “Emphasis is placed on a person’s capabilities rather than his or her limitations.” Anyone interested in volunteering to be part of the program or in making a donation can do so by visiting www.GoldenRuleServices.org.

This spring, the non-profit organization celebrates fifteen years of reaching out to the members of their Texas communities. The “Music in Motion” Extravaganza is scheduled to take place on May 20, 2010 at the Grand Opera House in Galveston, Texas and will feature performances by Elvis Tribute Artist Harvey McFadden, a tribute solo by one of the Golden Rule participants, a silent auction and plenty of singing and dancing for all. The organization is still looking for sponsors for the event. Interested parties can contact Event Coordinator Staci Staats at 832-588-0793.

“Our Golden Rule [is] to treat people as we would like to be treated,” states Armond. “We are.deeply grateful for all the help that you can extend to us as we continue to grow and empower our individuals.”

For more information, visit Golden Rule Services on the web at

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