Foundation for a Healthier America Fights Childhood Obesity with FUN Programs

Our children are among our most precious resources. Cincinnati nonprofit organization COFHA is on a mission to conquer childhood obesity one child at a time.

“Our mission is to teach children the importance of making healthy choices as early in life as possible” says COFHA co-founder Dwight Quinn.

Quinn, along with his co-founder Joan Dreier, launched Conquer Obesity – Foundation for a Healthier America in 2010 to provide FUN (Friends & Us Networking Together) programs and activities for children as well as parents in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. “We believe our programs will have the most impact on the children, when parents and guardians also get involved,” states Quinn. “We’ve created family fun activities, encouraging parents to become coaches, trainers and volunteers.”

The nonprofit foundation also strives to be the most current and effective health education resource of child nutrition and physical activity. Serving as a grant maker, innovator and volunteer, COFHA will conduct research to identify developing trends in childhood obesity and educate school children using entertaining presentations.

“Our goal is to seek healthy choices and to identify, evaluate and promote programs needed to change how we as people, look at obesity,” states Quinn.”This is a practical starting point to improving our overall human condition. Our future is dependent on this investment in our children.”

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