Detroit Lions Running Back Jahvid Best Partners with The Northern California Breathmobile

Detroit Lions running back Jahvid Best recently partnered with the Northern California Breathmobile®, pledging support and helping to raise awareness for asthma management and treatment in Bay Area children. “My family and I are pleased to work with the Northern California Breathmobile, helping to improve asthma management in children and making it possible for them to lead productive lives,” said Best.

As a child, Best suffered from asthma and has overcome this chronic illness to excel as a football player in college at the University of California, Berkeley and now with the NFL Detroit Lions. Best recently created the Best Foundation, a nonprofit organization, to educate and increase awareness of key issues affecting children, particularly asthma. In October, Best will participate in a charity flag football game on behalf of the Northern California Breathmobile, which will appear on the hit Tyra Banks show, America’s Next Top Model.

“The assistance of the Best Foundation will make it possible for the Breathmobile to help more children with asthma management at schools in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, as well as in the Bay View/Hunter’s Point area of San Francisco,” said Dr. Washington Burns, Director of the Northern California Breathmobile.

Asthma is a major health concern in the United States. Over 25 million Americans (one in twelve) have asthma. Asthma disproportionately affects low-income populations and the disease can be fatal. Patients, both adults and children, become less productive in school and work when they are afflicted asthma. While there is no cure, patients can learn to manage the disease and as Best demonstrates, lead active, productive lives.

The Breathmobile program is an innovative step forward in reducing asthma disparities by teaching low-income populations to manage asthma. The Breathmobile is a 33-foot Winnebago van equipped to function as a mobile asthma clinic, with pulmonary function testing, skin testing, a health risk assessment system and electronic medical records. The Breathmobile makes regular visits to schools (each school is seen repeatedly, every 4-6 weeks) bringing asthma specialists to evaluate, treat and educate patients and parents about asthma management.

A primary contributing factor to asthma attacks is the environment, with air pollution playing a major role. Other elements include substandard housing, lack of access to healthcare, hereditary factors, and socio-economic status.

Prescott-Joseph Center for Community Enhancement, Inc. is a nonprofit entity organized in 1995. The Center serves as a friendly, helping hand primarily for the community of West Oakland. For more information, visit

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The National Trust Asks Community To Help Shape Future Of North East Farmland

The National Trust is asking the local community surrounding its Gibside Estate in Tyne & Wear to help decide the future of 150 acres of farmland it has purchased adjoining the 600 acre property.

The charity has invested over half a million pounds to save the pasture and arable land from open cast mining.

The acquisition came on the back of a ground swell of opposition to the mining proposal in the local community where a mine would have been visible for miles around, created noise pollution, vibrations from explosions and high levels of dust.

A mine would also have unpredictable impacts on wildlife, the water table and drainage systems downhill in the historic Gibside landscape park.

Following hard on the heels of the launch of the charity’s mass on-line public experiment in farming, MyFarm – where 10,000 people will help make all the decisions on a working 1,200 acre organic farm at Wimpole near Cambridge – the Trust, in a similar vein, wants local people to help it make choices about the land around Gibside Estate.

A community supported agriculture* scheme is already being set up on eight acres of the land after unprecedented interest from local residents. Other suggestions include new walking routes, a farm visitor attraction and various eco projects.

All ideas will be debated as the Trust enters a consultation process with the local community to see how the farm can best serve everyone’s needs. An online survey at offers the chance to contribute ideas. There will also be consultation events for Gibside’s 120,000 visitors, schools and community groups.

Mick Wilkes, property manager at Gibside said: “Acquiring this farmland enables us to safeguard the future beauty and tranquillity of this special corner of the Derwent Valley. The shadow of centuries of heavy industry and pollution hangs over the area and many local people don’t want to return to that. More than this, we’re creating an opportunity to do some exciting projects involving people on our doorstep.

“It’s really important to us to have the chance to talk to local people to find out what their hopes and aspirations are, and to work out what we can achieve by working collaboratively with the community.”

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Rebuilding the Amazon Rainforest One Tree at a Time

What is Amazing Forest

Yes, the Amazon rainforest is being cut down as you read this. 17% is already gone. The world’s lungs – as it’s referred to – is decreasing in size. Yes, everyone knows this. But what can we really do about it? The Amazing Forest is a chance to do something right from where you are, sitting in your chair, a few clicks and USD 60 away.

Amazing Forest is the venue where people from all over the world are combining their efforts into one single strain to restore the Amazon rainforest to its original state.

We sell trees. Not trees to be delivered to your door, but to be planted on your behalf, in your name, in a designated specific area of the Amazon rainforest. The trees being planted are new trees. So, instead of preserving already existing areas of the rainforest, the Amazing Forest is actually reversing deforestation. We take so much from Earth everyday; this is a way to give something back to it.

It’s a common saying that, to eternalise your passage in this life, one must have children, write a book and plant a tree. Well, the four tree species that are currently being planted in the Amazing Forest (they are native species typical of the region: jatoba, copaiba, ipe rosa and louro freijo) live in average 200 years.

And what’s cool about it, people get their own tree, which will never be cut down and remain throughout its life individualised by a name tag, with the name they choose for it.

“We want to give people the opportunity to make a difference for the environment while leaving their own positive footprint in the planet”, says Rodrigo Nascimbeni, the founding partner of the company, “a footprint so tangible and concrete that people can come and see it, show to their children, to their great-grand-children, to their friends…” he goes on referring to the fact that customers can visit their tagged trees in situ while walking inside the real Amazon rainforest.

Amazing Forest goes much beyond simply selling trees online, it is each person’s way to contribute to a better world and to guarantee that future generations will share the same bliss to live here on our planet.

And, better yet, this noble act of planting a tree and committing to a better world can be renewed as often as wanted. Each tree is sold for USD 60.

Besides doing your share of good for a better planet, people can buy trees either as a present for a loved one, a memorial, a way to mark an important occasion or as a simple and convenient method of offsetting their carbon emissions.

Amazing Forest launched on Monday the 23rd of May 2011. The first piece of land to be replanted is situated approximately 34 miles outside the city of Boa Vista, Roraima State in North Brazil (if you go to Google Maps, we’re right where the green arrow points to at these coordinates 2 29 44.40 N 60 56 40.85 W).

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Arlington Resident Launches Nonprofit Organization Dedicated to Helping People Prepare for and Recover from Disasters

Kate Schweigart officially launched KateNation Inc., a nonprofit with a mission to connect people with the information, resources, organizations, and opportunities they need to prepare for and recover from disasters.

“We believe that individuals can accelerate disaster recovery when they’re connected to the right organizations and resources,” said Schweigart. “KateNation comes from the word catenation , which means the act of linking together. At KateNation, we are working to link people who need support with the disaster resources they need.” The organization also facilitates the volunteer recruitment and charitable giving associated with disasters.

KateNation, headquartered in Arlington , VA , strivesto educate the American public on disaster preparedness and relief. “KateNation was built from the simple notion that knowledge is power,” said Schweigart. “Whether people are looking to get help, give help, or simply learn more about disasters, KateNation will work to connect them to the tools and resources they need.”

Schweigart is an authority inemergency preparedness with more than ten years of professional experience in the field. Prior to founding KateNation her career included managing disaster teams for the American Red Cross. Schweigart has also developed and exercised continuity and emergency plans for the U.S. House of Representatives and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

KateNation is currently recruiting volunteers to assist with research and website support. For more information, please visit

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