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Core Children’s Services Develops Bespoke Education Packages

Core Children’s Services, one of the leading national providers of children’s services, has launched a wide range of its bespoke education packages for academies, schools and teachers within the education sector.

Core Children’s Services offers tailor-made educational support programmes to children and young people in order to improve their academic achievements, school attendance and behaviour. Support is delivered in the form of training programmes for staff working with young people as well as offering targeted intervention programmes to help raise attendance.

Core Children’s Services also offers one to one support as a real alternative to exclusion. Our programmes extend to parenting programmes enabling families to develop their parenting skills.

The services offered also include alternative provisions for disabled children which have been developed in response to the Aiming High for Disabled Children Agenda and extended to support the Breaks for Carers of Disabled Children Regulation 2011. It continues to support the families of disabled children by means of a “no size fits all” policy with regards to personalising education.

Some of the areas the educational packages can help to support include attendance issues and behavioural problems as well as offering family support and parenting programmes. These are tailored to meet the individual needs of children, their family as well as the teaching staff.

By delivering education services to young people through an evidence-based, flexible approach, Core Children’s Services believe they can improve the social skills, interaction and personal development of the young people who can benefit from the extra support that these programmes deliver.

It is hoped that by bringing these resources into schools, vulnerable children such as those in fostering will benefit.

Education programmes can promote literacy, numeracy and can also assist with the effects of bullying on behaviour which may restrict children from achieving their full potential.

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Core Assets Group Scoops Investors In People Silver Award

The Core Assets Group has been awarded the Investors in People silver award, one of just 148 UK organisations to receive the accolade which recognises best practice in business.

The organisation was judged based on a framework of key performance indicators which were assessed at all levels, from top management down to frontline practice. Investors in People’s silver and gold accreditations are reserved for companies that have achieved above and beyond the basic 39 standards of working practices.

In gaining the silver level accreditation, Core Assets met with 97 additional indicators as set by Investors in People, who assessed the organisation in 2011. Specified areas of achievement within Core Assets include improvement in learning and development, mentoring and coaching, internal communications, and business strategy.

The Investors in People assessment team expressed particular regard for the commitment made by Core Assets to staff development, especially in relation to the company’s partnerships with colleges and universities, and also with the culture of mutual respect shown throughout the organisation.

Investors in People also noted that the values of equality and diversity are embedded within the best practices of the organisation, with staff feeling able to openly discuss diversity issues in the workplace.

David Oldham, Executive Director at the Core Assets Group and CEO of Foster Care Associates, said: “Gaining the Investors in People silver award is a great testament to the value that the Core Assets Group places on the workforce it employs.

“Our people are our most important asset and we are committed to ensuring that we continually recognise excellent performance and invest in learning and development. Creating such a positive environment for our staff is very important in helping us to achieve our objective of being the leading provider of services for children and families.”

Core Assets is an international social care service provider with headquarters based in Bromsgrove, UK. As operations progress across four continents around the world, the Investors in People silver award reflects the continued commitment the organisation maintains towards its growing staff. Core Assets seeks to use its healthy workplace ethos and approach to social care to make a positive impact through delivery of a wealth of children’s services, from fostering to social care recruitment.

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Key Assets Opens As A New Fostering Agency In Kentucky

Key Assets Kentucky, a newly established fostering agency, is now open and ready for the challenge of placing children in Kentucky with complex needs into family based foster homes.

Through an official ribbon cutting ceremony, held courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce, Key Assets Kentucky opened the doors to its first new office based on Main Street in Mt. Sterling.

The fostering agency is now fully focused on recruiting foster parents across the Eastern Mountain, North Eastern, Northern Bluegrass and Southern Bluegrass regions of Kentucky, providing family based care for children and young people with complex needs.

Key Assets Kentucky will specialize in placing children and young people who may be considered ‘high level’ and display difficult behavior usually as a result of past experiences. Through the delivery of Team Parenting – a unique, therapeutic approach tofoster care which draws together a range of qualified professionals to support the carer and the child – Key Assets Kentucky looks to make a positive and lasting difference to children and young people’s lives.

Through the global brand of Fostering First International, Team Parenting has made a positive impact on the lives of children and young people with both trauma and attachment difficulties in over four continents across the world.

Chris Groeber, CEO of Key Assets Kentucky comments: “I have been working in child welfare for nearly 25 years in one setting or another and have waited for people to engage with our more difficult kids in Kentucky in a way that was laser beam focused on them and their needs and understood the meaning of community as it relates to them.”

He concluded: “I believe we are those people and Key Assets Kentucky is that agency, and I am completely and irrevocably committed to making their lives better, one at a time.”

Alongside the opening of the new office is the launch of the new website, which offers a wealth of information about fostering and focuses on the recruitment of foster parents to look after some of Kentucky’s most vulnerable children. Other features of the new website include real life fostering stories from other Fostering First International operations across the globe, a regular blog from Chris Groeber, and a range of news updates to stay in touch with all of the agency’s developments.

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Fostering People Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Fostering People, the Independent Fostering Agency, celebrates its 10 year anniversary in September this year, following a decade of sustained growth.

Fostering People Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

The Nottingham based fostering agency will be hosting a range of activities and events to mark the occasion, drawing together foster carers, looked after children and young people, birth children and staff.

The main event, a special celebratory day to be held in September, has been organised by a focus group at Fostering People. Along with a range of games and activities, the day will host special long service awards for young people, carers and staff who have been with the agency throughout its duration.

The 10 year anniversary marks a significant milestone in the company’s development. Originally set up to provide fostering services in the East Midlands, the agency has since expanded to offer its services across Central England, the North West and the North East of England. To date, Fostering People has over 115 foster carers registered with them, with over 190 children and young people in placements.

Its growth has been recently boosted by the launch of a new carer recruitment focussed website, providing an extended amount of information about fostering children and targeted at recruiting foster carers across Central and Northern England. The website also supports the agency’s ongoing expansion to provide a service for fostering in Manchester.

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