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Ride Sunday: Hundreds of thousands of riders around the world expected to take to the streets with over $1M of donations anticipated for 50 plus charity beneficiaries

AMSTERDAM, Apr-15-2018 — /EuropaWire/ — The date for Ride Sunday 2018, the international day of riding for a cause, has been confirmed for Sunday the 3rd of June.

Supported by Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, REV’IT!, Triumph Motorcycles, and Royal Enfield, Ride Sunday is the first event of its kind to attempt to unite the global motorcycling community.

The first Sunday in June will see hundreds of thousands of riders around the world take to the streets, with over $1M USD of donations anticipated for 50 plus charity beneficiaries.

Ride Sunday is open to all motorcyclists and scooter riders regardless of bike style or riding preference, be it on-road or off-road. Any rider with a motor and two wheels is encouraged to participate and raise funds for a charity of their choice by either joining a certified dealer ride, hosting their own ride, or joining an existing group ride via www.ridesunday.com.

Participants can utilise the Ride Sunday peer-to-peer fundraising platform to raise funds for the cause that they choose to support, with significant rewards and prizes for the highest fundraisers globally.

Ride Sunday is expected to be the world’s largest motorcycling charity event by the year 2020. The event’s goal is to raise $500M USD for charity within the next 10 years.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

$30,000 Valentine Gift For Charities, Nonprofits and Fundraisers

In a big-hearted gesture before Valentine’s Day, a popular snack maker announced today it would double its original funding amount and pump an additional $30,000 into its online contest to give more charities the opportunity to share a total of $60,000 in prize money for their good works.

Snack Alliance Inc., (SAI) the maker of riceworks® Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps, agreed to add an extra $30,000 in prize funding for “Show Us Your Goodness,” a social campaign that invites consumers to nominate and vote online for the charitable program they believe has gone the extra mile to “serve the greater good.”

“We’re delighted to double the prize money because of the overwhelming positive response to the program,” says Tricia Ryan, Director of Marketing for riceworks®. “The extra funding will allow us to have a Sponsor’s Choice Award and distribute checks of $1,000. to an additional 30 charitable organizations, split equally between Canada and the United States.”

“The hard part, of course, is for the judges and program sponsor to decide on exactly which of the hundreds of nominated charities to award the prizes.”

Nominate A Charity That Inspires
In less than eight weeks, more than 1300 nominations for inspiring charitable projects have been received. Submissions are due by February 28, 2010, at which time a panel of judges will select thirty-three (33) finalists to be considered for $60,000 in support funds during the final round of voting. The top three finalists will win $20,000, and $5,000 each, while the remaining 30 winning nominations will share $1,000. each as part of a Sponsor’s Choice Award.

One charity that has been nominated and highlighted on the “Show Us Your Goodness” website is the Rett Syndrome Research Trust, a Connecticut-based nonprofit organization whose goal is to help those suffering f r o m Rett Syndrome, the most physically disabling of autism disorders.

“This program gives lesser-known charities like ours a great way to gain media attention for our cause,” says Syndi Knowlton, a volunteer mother with a young daughter who has Rett Syndrome.

Syndi, who nominated her organization, describes Rett Syndrome, which primarily affects young girls: “It’s combination of symptoms that include autism, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, and anxiety disorders…all in one little girl. I thank riceworks® for giving us the opportunity to spread the word and tell our story and help make a difference.”

Spread the Love: More Funding, More Charities Helped For Ms. Ryan, the unexpected flood of submissions compelled her to seek more ways to distribute the charity funding.

“The very generous management team at Snack Alliance supports the program and instantaneously approved my request to release more funds to this worthwhile cause. We see this program making a difference in the lives of humans and the environment. This includes helping the many animal shelter causes that have been nominated because those who run these programs need help too.”

Contest details are available at www.showusyourgoodness.com.

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